You’re in PAZA airspace

PAZA is a nonprofit, multi-stakeholder organization that conducts ambient air quality monitoring in northwestern Alberta. PAZA is an unbiased, open and transparent organization, and our members collaborate to provide local solutions to local air quality concerns. PAZA, as an independent third-party, has invested ten years into building trust among members of the public, industry, non-governmental organizations, Alberta Environment, Energy Resources Conservation Board, and Alberta Health Services.

Paza Air Quality graphic

The air quality monitoring program developed by PAZA is a resource for the public to learn about local air quality, but also ensures continuous improvement of regional air quality, protection of environmental health, and influence on public policy.

PAZA follows the guiding principle of consensus decision making. Consensus is reached when there is unanimous agreement among our stakeholders, ensuring each one can live with the outcome of the decision. Stakeholders may not achieve all their goals, but the objective is to find the optimal solution within the best interests of everyone. Decisions made through consensus processes are likely to be more innovative and longer lasting than those reached through traditional negotiation or topdown hierarchy.

In 2003, PAZA became the fifth airshed zone in Alberta recognized by the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA).